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On The Demo Call We Will Discuss How The New Projects For You System Works In More Detail And Figure Out If You Are A Good Fit.

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Your New "Marketing Guys"

About NewProjectsForYou

New Projects For You is a beautique agency with a small team so we only manage a few clients at a time. Meaning we give each of our clients our full attention.

We have been a marketing agency solely focused on getting high-quality appointments for contractors for a bit over a year.

Our core philosophy is our client-first approach! We will always go the extra mile for our clients, which seperates us in this crowded market of low quality marketing work.

More On Our Philosophy

Long-Term Partnerships

At NewProjectsForYou we believe in long-term partnerships that we want to achieve by always going the extra mile for our clients.

Our core goal is to build a client base of loyal, satisfied and most importantly successful contractors around the world.

Transparent Communication

In our opinion honest, transparent and regular communication are the basis for any successful business partnership.

This is the reason, we always keep in touch with our clients, as you are very important to us. Not just a number on a spreadsheet.

#1 Advertising System on the Market

How Our System Works

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Offer Building

We will create new offers for you based on your business and then split test them in the marketing to see which offers bring us the most leads. The offer is what gets you 80% off the results yet most people massively overlook it.

Marketing Wizard

Let's get to the fun part. We will be running Facebook and Instagram advertising for you and constantly improving and iterating the advertisements. We will only target your desired areas and we have a magic trick to only target rich areas ;)

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Appointment Setting

We will not only bring you leads, but we will also call all of these leads on your behalf, making sure they are qualified and have the necessary money for your job. You won't have to be chasing leads all day and instead you can focus on what you do best which is selling and remodeling homes.

NewProjectsForYou VS Angie's List

Decide Who Wins!

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Go on 1-2 Estimates For 1 New Job
Have Our Trained Team Contact The Leads For You
Leads Are Completely Exclusive To Your Business!
Make 25-40% Margin
Go on 10 Estimates For 1 New Job
Followup With Leads On Your Own
Compete On Pricing With The Cheapest Contractors!
Make 15-20% Margin

Become One Of Them

Who We Work With

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Kitchen Remodelers

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Bathroom Remodelers

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New Home Builders

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if it doesn't work?

We have never ever had it happen that our system didn’t work. But we have made sure that IF that were to ever happen, we wouldn’t charge you a single penny. We have a pay-per-result system so that we only ever get paid if we generate new revenue for you!

How do you know it will work for me?

If it doesn’t we will not let you through our application process. Again we have made it work for EVERYONE that we work with, that is why we don’t work with everyone.

What if the leads aren't qualified?

If the leads aren’t qualified they won’t be booked in to an appointment as we talk to them on your behalf, asking questions like “how long have you been looking to get your kitchen done” “what is the budget you had in mind” “when are you looking to get your kitchen done”

How do you generate leads?

We generate the leads through Facebook Ads, by launching a campaign specific to your target audience to ensure the leads are interested in your company specifically.

What makes you different?

We are pretty small agency that's quite new to the market. We've only been here for a short 1-2 years. We are a beautique agency and we tailor the entire advertising process exactly to your needs. You won't find any rigid processes in here, where we just load up a template and make you a number on a spreadsheet.

Our approach is client-first!

How long is the contract?

Our contract is month-to-month, meaning you can cancel at any time if you are unsatisfied with our services for any reason. Our goal is to provide an amazing customer experience and make you stay with us that way, and not through some shady contracts.

What kind of jobs do you get us?

Usually we focus on getting you kitchen and bathrooom remodeling jobs first, as this is our specialty. For some of our clients we add more of their services to the advertising as time goes on. Remember: everything is tailored to you!

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